Bob Jones Record Keeping

Record-Keeping Forms

When it comes to grading, there are two essential forms that you will want to become familiar with to ensure that you are using them correctly. The first is the Bridgeway Master Record Sheet (MRS) which must be completed for each student. This is a required form.  This form is used to clearly convey the student’s weekly scores to their academic advisor at the end of each semester. 

The other form is the BJU Press Record of Grades (RoG) and is available only to Distance Learning students as part of the supplemental resources. This is an optional form, but one Bridgeway recommends utilizing, if applicable. Each course-specific RoG was designed to provide the family with a tool to track the student’s progress through that course. DL students can use these forms for their day-to-day record sheets in order to keep track of all assignments. However, scores for each subject should be transferred to the MRS, in the appropriate column, on a weekly basis. Keep in mind that not all scores from the BJU Press RoG must be transferred to the Bridgeway MRS. End of chapter/unit test scores are required. However, quiz and project scores can be figured in at the discretion of the student’s parent/academic overseer, according to the guidelines provided in this handbook. Ultimately, though, if the scores for quizzes and projects are not reported on the MRS, they will not be figured into the student’s final grade.

A copy of the original MRS should be submitted through Bridgeway Moodle at the end of each semester, as outlined in the Bridgeway Academy Parent handbook. If RoGs were utilized for a DL student, copies should also be submitted. Note: copies will NOT be returned.

All forms are available from the Home Page in Bridgeway Moodle by clicking on the FORMS button in the middle of the page.

Master Record Sheet

Again, the Master Record Sheet is the most important form you will use this year. It provides an instant record of your child’s grades throughout the school year, and it is the record you will send to Bridgeway Academy for processing at the end of each semester. On it you will record the chapters completed and grades earned. Instructions for filling out the Master Record Sheet are on the next page.

Instructions for Filling Out Your Bridgeway Master Record Sheet

You will receive a Bridgeway Master Record Sheet to be used during the school year your child is enrolled.  Extra copies are available on the home page in Bridgeway Moodle.  Please feel free to make copies in the event you damage/lose your original. All students (textbook only and Distance Learning) are required to complete and submit this form properly at the end of each semester.

At the beginning of the school year, Distance Learning families will need to determine whether they will use the Bridgeway Master Record Sheet alone or utilize the BJU Press Record of Grades form available for each class. Bridgeway recommends incorporating the Record of Grades; however, it is optional. In any case, be sure that you are consistent with your record-keeping system throughout the school year and remember that all final scores MUST be submitted on the MRS.

Completing the form

  1. Fill out the child’s first and last name, the child’s ID, grade, and school year at the top of the form.
  2. Write the name of each course for which you are submitting grades underneath the appropriate subject along the top of the form. You will note that page one includes the core subjects while page two includes electives.
  3. When recording grades, beneath the desired course, find the correct week and fill in the final grade as a percentage in the appropriate block. Below you will find a further explanation on how to figure a percentage score. For each chapter, there is a place to record the final test scores and project scores on the Master Record Sheet. Keep in mind that T represents tests and P represents projects. Project scores should include any projects, compositions, etc. for which you would like credit applied toward the child’s final grade. 

Note: If there is more than one test or project completed for a given chapter, please average the scores together for that entry.

For Distance Learning Students

The best way to maintain records of the variety of tests, activities, and assignments through the Distance Learning program is to use the course appropriate Record of Grades provided through BJU Press for your day-to-day scoring. This will help you stay on track to gain the maximum benefit from the material presented. Please refer to the BJU Record of Grades form for further instruction on how to use this form to maintain detailed records. When submitting grades to Bridgeway, you will need to refer to the RoG form to fill out the Bridgeway MRS. Please keep in mind Bridgeway requires only scores from chapter tests. If you would like to include quizzes in the final score for a particular course, you will have to average the individual chapter quizzes and tests together for a weekly score to record each week on the Bridgeway MRS in the test column. If you choose to average in quiz scores, we ask that you continue to consistently record that way throughout the course.

How Submitted Scores Are Weighed for a Final Grade

Please contact your Academic Advisor for the current policy on how Test and Project scores are averaged together for the final grade.

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