Clearing Browser Cache

As part of regular system maintenance or troubleshooting, a common useful task is to clear your web browser’s cache.

This process may also be necessary after unscheduled platform events in order to access the platform again. Consult the remainder of this technical note for information on clearing the cache of the most common web browsers.

Below are steps on how to clear your cache on most browsers:


  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More More.
  3. Click More tools and then Clear browsing data.
  4. In the box that appears, at the top, choose a time, like the past hour or the past day. To delete everything, select the beginning of time.
  5. Select the types of information you want to remove.
  6. Click Clear browsing data.


  1. Click the menu button New Fx Menu and choose Options.
  2. Select the Privacy & Security panel.
  3. In the Cached Web Content section, click Clear Now.


  1. Click the Options icon  .
  2. Click the History icon  .
  3. Click the link labeled Clear all history.
  4. Check the boxes for each item you want to clear.
  5. Click the Clear button. The message “All Clear!” will appear at the top when the data has been erased.


  1. Click on Safari and then on Preferences in the menu bar at the top.
  2. Select the Privacy tab and then click Manage Website Data.
  3. Select Remove All and then in the small popup, selection Remove Now.