Learning Lab Handbook

Where Interaction and Investigation Meet

Bridgeway Academy offers a wide array of live, online class options for students in grades 1 – 12.  Our Learning Lab program offers full year and semester long courses for students in grades 6 – 12, and 10-week trimester courses for elementary and middle school level students.

You can find all the information you need about our course offerings and schedule on our web page: Bridgeway Academy Learning Labs

General Program Descriptions:

Full Year Courses – grades 6 – 12, depending on the course selected

  • Meet live, online once per week for 90 minutes of instruction
  • Run September through early June
  • Full teacher support all year long
  • Certificate of course completion issued with grade included; transcript available upon request
  • Offer high school students 1 or more credits per course
  • May require textbooks and/or laboratory kits or other supplies
  • Cover core subject matter with daily assignments given
  • Assignments and assessments graded by teacher

Learning Lab Semesters – grades 6 – 12, depending on the course selected

  • Meet live, online once per week for 90 minutes of instruction
  • Full teacher support for 15 weeks
  • Fall and Spring semesters offered
  • Certificate of completion issued with grade included; transcript available upon request
  • Offer high school students 1/2 credit per course
  • Textbooks or other supplies may be required for some courses
  • Enrichment & elective subject matter with daily or weekly assignments given

Learning Lab Trimesters – grades 1 – 8

  • Meet live, online once per week for 60 minutes of instruction
  • Full teacher support for 10 weeks
  • 3 Trimesters each year – plenty of courses to explore
  • Certificate of course completion issued at end of course
  • No textbooks required, but some courses do require a kit or novel purchase
  • Enrichment & elective subject matter with weekly assignments given


What are the benefits of having my child participate in live, online courses?
Your child will experience academic collaboration, engage in exciting discussions and topics, complete hands on projects, and work with a teacher who is an expert in content and online learning. They learn valuable skills in time management and responsibility through completing course work and you, as the teacher, get a break! The topics and course lengths are sure to offer something for your learner. Our teachers know what it takes to appeal to a full spectrum of learning styles and abilities, and are happy to work with you to create the best possible educational experience for your child.

When are the Learning Lab registration deadlines?
You are encouraged to register early. Class sizes are limited and enrollment in many of our courses fills far in advance of the registration deadlines listed. Please view our current year’s enrollment deadlines on our web page: Bridgeway Academy Learning Labs. Select the “Courses & Tuition” tab, then the grade level desired to see the course registration deadlines, as well as a list of courses currently open for enrollment. Course dates and information are also available on the Learning Lab FAQ page.

How do students access assignments, view course resources, and submit work to the instructor?
When students enroll in a Learning Lab, they get access to the Bridgeway Academy Moodle site. Within Moodle, your child can access assignments, view course resources, submit their work, take tests and quizzes, and view feedback and grades from the teacher. It holds all the course content your child needs to be successful with their course.

What does my child need to participate in a Learning Lab course?
Our Learning Labs use Collaborate with the Ultra Experience found inside your child’s Moodle course by clicking on the link to the “Online Classroom” located near the top of the course page. Collaborate works with all computers and mobile devices, and requires the use of the Chrome (preferred) or Firefox browser.
Students will need:

  • a high-speed internet connection. For more information pertaining to internet connection and bandwidth requirements, please visit: Collaborate Bandwidth FAQs
  • a headset with a built-in microphone
  • a webcam (optional, but preferred)

Some courses may require the additional purchase of course materials such as textbooks, novel sets, or laboratory kits. When this is the case, the additional materials needed and the associated costs are easily seen when you click “View Course Details” next to any course listed on our Courses & Tuition web pages. Unless otherwise specified, these items are available for purchase through Bridgeway Academy.

What if my child is absent from a live class?
Attendance and participation are requirements for success in Learning Labs; however, we understand a student may occasionally be absent due to illness, travel, or valid personal reasons. Recordings of the live classes will be made available to students and are required viewing when an absence occurs. If your child will be absent for an extended period, it is essential to communicate directly with the teacher in order to facilitate a plan to help your child be successful with the course work. Certificates of course completion for trimester long courses will only be issued for children attending 60% or more of the live class sessions unless other arrangements are made with the full approval of the course instructor. All full year and semester long courses include attendance as part of the students’ final grade, so regular attendance is strongly encouraged.

Are teachers available to assist students with their course work?
All our Learning Lab courses are taught by experienced teachers who have a passion for learning and helping students succeed. If your child needs assistance outside of the live class sessions, you are encouraged to contact the teacher by email at any time or by phone during the teacher’s office hours.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes. Payment plans are available for full year and semester long courses with a minimum purchase amount. Please contact Bridgeway Academy’s finance office for details.

What is the refund policy for Learning Lab courses?
Bridgeway Academy limits Learning Lab class sizes by reserving and holding seats for enrolled approved students, making that seat unavailable to other students, often months in advance of the course start date. A Reservation Drop Fee is applied only if the course is dropped after enrollment, but prior to completing the course. The 2017-18 Reservation Drop Fee is $30 and is applied to all Learning Lab Course withdrawals and is applied per course dropped. The 2018-19 Reservation Drop Fee is $50 and is applied to all Learning Lab Course withdrawals and is applied per course dropped. Course refunds can only be provided if the withdrawal request is made within 14 days following the course start date. Withdrawal requests beyond 14 days following the course start date are no longer eligible for a refund. Contact your Bridgeway Academy advisor if you wish to change a Learning Lab course selection or withdraw from a Learning Lab.

Learning Lab Course Materials:
K’nex Education kits are non-refundable. Unused textbooks and unopened novel sets and other laboratory kits may be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund minus any applicable shipping costs. Used or opened course materials are non-refundable items. The headset and high speed internet access required for participation in the live course are the sole responsibility of the customer.

What is the Learning Lab course cancellation policy?
Course cancellations are rare, but if for any reason a course is not able to run as scheduled, the student will be given the option of enrolling in a course of equal value offered during the same academic year. In the event the student is unable to select a replacement course for any reason, Bridgeway Academy will refund the entire purchase price of the course. If a student wishes to select a course of higher value, the student may opt to pay the difference between the cost of the cancelled course and the new course selected. Students are also responsible for purchasing any course materials necessary for the new course selection.

If I have already purchased a Bridgeway Academy textbook course, is it possible to add on the live class option as an upgrade?
Yes!  If you have purchased a textbook course for which there is a corresponding Learning Lab, you can purchase an upgrade to your textbook course. In addition to an upgrade fee, you may need to purchase additional materials for the Learning Lab version of the course. Please speak to your advisor or one of our homeschool specialists for details.

If my middle school or high school student is enrolled as a Prime student, am I able to select full year courses?
Prime packages for middle school students include two (2) trimester length Learning Lab courses.  High school Prime packages include one (1) semester long Learning Lab course.  If you wish to select a full year course for your Prime package, upgrade options are available.  Please talk with your advisor about how to upgrade your Prime package Learning Labs to full year courses. In addition to an upgrade fee, you may have to purchase additional materials for your full year course.

Once I am enrolled in a Learning Lab, is it possible to change my course selection?
Our Learning Lab courses have limited seating available.  Because of this, please consider carefully which course(s) are best suited to your child’s academic needs, interests, and schedule before enrolling your child in a course.  Bridgeway Academy cannot guarantee a course change will be possible.  If you must request a course change, contact your advisor to do so.

If I purchase a Prime package, how long do I have to select my Learning Lab(s)?
Early enrollment is highly recommended as some of our courses fill up quickly.  Please also refer to the registration deadlines listed on our website and be sure to adhere to them when making selections.

  • When you purchase a Prime package, you are assigned either one or two Learning Lab credits, depending on the academic grade level of your child.  Beginning in the 2017-18 academic year, all Learning Lab credits must be used during the academic year in which they were purchased unless all enrollment deadlines for the year have already past at the time of purchase, in which case they must be used in the subsequent school year and while the student remains enrolled in Bridgeway Academy.
  • Refunds will not be given for unused Learning Lab credits.
  • For information about Prime package enrollment cancellations, please refer to the Bridgeway Academy Terms & Conditions.

Whom should I contact if I have a question about a course?
Prior to the course start date, your advisor will be the best person to contact when questions arise. Once the course has begun, you are strongly encouraged to present any questions to the course instructor whose information was provided to you on your course syllabus.  Addressing questions directly to the course instructor by telephone will result in the quickest response, but you may also email the course instructor.


Bridgeway Academy has a strict Honor Code, which must be adhered to always.

Bridgeway Academy requires that all submitted homework be the student’s ORIGINAL thoughts. This means students must use their own words when completing assignments. All outside research must be referenced in students’ work via citations. Failure to do so is considered plagiarism and could result in disciplinary action.

Students are to be respectful, kind, and polite when interacting with classmates and the instructor.

Foul and inappropriate language will not be tolerated in the classroom or on student submissions.

In class features, which allow chatting or posting, should only be used for the purpose of discussing the course with the teacher and conveying information about class content to other students. These features are not to be used for socializing. Disciplinary action can result should a student misuse or abuse the interactive technology within the classroom.

Failure to comply with these requirements could result in termination from the course.

All enrollment and moneys will be forfeited as a result of disciplinary removal from a course.


At Bridgeway Academy, our goal is to help children succeed by tailoring learning to individual strengths and needs, by offering dedicated support to families, and by giving students the freedom to pursue their God-given gifts and abilities. Bridgeway Academy is a faith-based company, which seeks to honor God as it serves each child. Our Learning Lab program is an extension of this mission.