Moodle- Overview

Bridgeway Moodle is the Learning Management System used by Bridgeway Academy. Course content is presented in Moodle. To access a course, students log into the Bridgeway Learning Center and then click on the course name which will link them directly to the course in Moodle. If the student is not already logged in to Moodle, they will need to input their Bridgeway Academy Student ID and password.

Important: The Bridgeway Learning Center username and password and the Moodle username and password are not the same. Every student has a Moodle username, which is their Student ID, and a Bridgeway assigned password. Parents do not have a separate Moodle login.

Bridgeway Moodle is also where you access all Bridgeway course information, resources, and instructor guides (if instructor guides are available for your student’s courses). Additionally, online tests are available for students in grades fifth through twelfth. Note: Each textbook curriculum includes tests. Bridgeway’s curriculum team has taken the content and objectives of these tests and created an online version. The tests will not always be exactly the same as the printed version as they have been modified to work in the online environment.