Preparing Your Portfolio

Some states require that you maintain and submit a portfolio each year. Follow these guidelines to prepare your portfolio.
■Keep your student’s portfolio as you go along. Do not wait until the end of the year to put things into your portfolio.
■Although you are only putting select materials into the portfolio, you should keep all of your student’s work each school year until after the program has been approved by the superintendent.
■Divide your portfolio by subject with dividers.
■Insert all tests and quizzes for each subject in chronological order.
■Insert the first and last PACE, workbook, or assignment completed for each subject.
■Include any creative writing in your portfolio.
■Include any compositions or term papers in your portfolio.
■Document field trips and/or special activities using pictures and brochures.
■Document art activities and creations with pictures arranged carefully in your portfolio.
■Document health and fire safety training within your portfolio.
■Please contact your local homeschool evaluator for the materials that they require when completing an evaluation.