Moodle- Taking Online Tests

Bridgeway Academy offers online testing for courses in grade levels fifth through twelfth. Students can take the test online eliminating the need for  tests to be graded and submitted to Bridgeway Academy at the end of the semester.

Preparing for Tests
Before taking an online test, be sure to have your student review the chapter and study their notes thoroughly. It is a good idea to administer the tests provided with the curriculum as practice. Grade the tests and review the information with your student before allowing them to take the tests online. The online test questions are similar to the practice test and cover the same content, but will not be exactly the same. In order to take a test online,  your student will log into their Bridgeway Moodle account and locate the course in the ‘My Courses’ section. Clicking on the title of the course will  display the list of tests available for the course. Locate the test for the chapter or unit and click on it to display the test. Enter the answers for each page and then press ‘Submit’ to continue. Your student will have an opportunity to review their answers before the final submission. The navigation panel in the upper right can be used to return to a specific question. When your student is ready to submit the test, click ‘Finish Attempt.’

Note: Some tests will require your student to press ‘Submit’ after each entry, while others will have them complete all questions on the page and then  press ‘Submit.’ You will be able to review your student’s results and see which questions were marked incorrect. Your student is allowed to take the  test again if you feel there is a problem with the results. Contact your advisor to discuss the results.

Best Practices for Entering Answers in Online Tests
When your student is entering a short answer response for an online test, keep the following in mind:
■All responses must be spelled correctly in order to earn full credit. There is no margin for error in spelling.
■For the most part, answers can be keyed in upper or lower case. The exception to this would be inputting science formulas or names of molecules, and the like that must be keyed in the correct case.
■Math equations should contain spaces between the numbers and the operations. For example, key ‘7 + 4 = 11,’ not ‘7+4=11.’

Essay Questions
Some questions will not be graded right away. Your student’s advisor will review these responses and enter the grade. It is a good practice to let your  advisor know that questions need to be graded. You can alert your advisor by sending an email.

Assignments are activities in Moodle that require your student to write a submission in a text box or to upload a document. Graded assignments will not be found in every course, but when they are, they will include a grading rubric or checklist. Be sure to tell your student to review the rubric or checklist before submitting their assignment to verify that they have completed all the requirements of the assignment.

Taking Notes
Even if there is a note-taking guide, note-taking is essential to success in the online program. Textbooks are not available; therefore, in order to study for quizzes and tests, it is recommended that students take notes and keep a binder for each subject. The Cornell note-taking method is recommended. Students may print blank copies of the Lecture Notes Form and learn more about note taking by visiting the Bridgeway Learning Center under Contact and Support by clicking on the Online Knowledge Base and searching for “Keys to Success for Online Students”. All notes should be stored in the binder for that subject.

Note-Taking Guides
Note-taking guides are available to be downloaded in each online core course.  Printed copies of the note-taking guides are included with shipments within the U.S.  International students will not receive printed note-taking guides, but may download the guides online.

All assignments are graded by academic advisors. Students are expected to make a 70% or higher on all assignments. If a student receives less than a passing a grade, an email is generated notifying the student that the assignment was not passed and can be resubmitted. Important: If a student resubmits an assignment, it is the responsibility of the student to notify their advisor that the assignment has been resubmitted. If an assignment  completed is blank or unreadable, the student will receive a grade of zero. The student will receive an email that a zero was issued and the student
should resubmit the assignment. It is the responsibility of the student to notify their advisor that the assignment was resubmitted and to request a grade.

There are three types of assessments offered in Bridgeway’s online courses:

1. Activity Quizzes – these quizzes generally cover a specific topic and offer unlimited attempts and are intended as practice quizzes. Students are encouraged to retake these quizzes until they have mastered the concepts. Some courses include the activity quiz attempts in the course grade and others do not.

2. Lesson Quizzes – these quizzes generally cover a chapter of content. Lesson quizzes allow three attempts before being marked as complete.  Students are required to review material and take time to study prior to attempting a retake.  If multiple retakes are required, your advisor may require the student to submit notes prior to retaking a lesson quiz.

3. Chapter Tests – these tests generally cover a unit of content. Students are expected to study by reviewing quizzes and notes before attempting a Chapter Test. Chapter Tests allow three attempts before being marked as complete. Students are required to review material and take time to study prior to attempting a retake. If multiple retakes are required, your advisor may require the student to submit notes prior to retaking a chapter test.