Zing! Digital Library

We are excited to inform you of a resource made available to all students enrolled in Bridgeway Academy called Zing. Zing is a digital leveled book library, which provides access to thousands of trade book titles, including award winning titles, series from well-known authors, audio books, and short texts, with access to eLearning and assessments.  Below are step-by-step instructions to get you started.

Step 1: Register at: http://resources.schoolwide.com/intro

  • Click Register with Access Code
  • Go through the registration steps entering your email address and password. It is highly suggested that you use Bridgeway9$ as the password to maintain consistency with all Bridgeway Academy access.
  • Complete the registration using your home address, where you heard about Zing, and your role as a parent.
  • When prompted on the following page for your access code, enter:  02A8A754DB

Step 2:  Login to the site at ZING using your email and password (Bridgeway9$)

Zing offers access to over 1,000 free eBooks as well as over 300 new paid eBook collections that contain over 2,000 titles. It’s quick and easy to add “just right” collections to your classroom library by topic, theme, genre, reading level, and more. Zing now also features clearer visuals and delivers a better overall user experience.  Enjoy the FREE use of this online library and if you are interested in adding credits to your library through the purchase option, you may!

If you are interested in choosing books that are suggested for your Lexile reading level, view the Profile Report from the Performance Series online reading test or ask your advisor for this level.  The Lexile reading level is an indication of an independent reading level.  The Guided Reading level chart available on the Zing site refers to the Fountas and Pinnell reading levels.  More information on the correspondence with reading is found the A-Z Reading Chart.

Reading is fun!  We are excited to offer this free reading resource to encourage our students to find the joy in reading and/or experience more reading options every day!

See the screenshots below for help with registering.